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There are a lot of different smartphones on the market, and people always tend to compare and contrast them in order to see if a phone is better than any other. Well, the HTC Desire has for a long time been the phone which served as an example to all the other phones not only in its class, but also in higher classes. Generally speaking, there has probably never been a phone which was praised by so many people and which received so few negative comments. Therefore, it is easy to see how this phone should always be spoken of with respect it deserves.

First of all, no one should be allowed to talk about the Desire without mentioning the phone that amazed us before it arrived to the scene, and this phone was called the HTC Hero. The Hero was indeed a fantastic phone, but many people successfully assumed that it would be replaced by a phone that would be if not perfect, than almost perfect. Well, the Desire came out and managed to be the perfect upgrade of the Hero, fixing all of its flaws and raising the quality bar very high for all its rivals on the market.

The HTC Desire is considered by many to be the absolute best smartphone in its category and price range. It has an unbelievable 3.7 inch touchscreen with the resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which is far better than any of its rivals. Also, the touchscreen is so quick in response that there were literally no complaints in this field. It is very easy to use a phone with a display such as this one, as it makes browsing the internet, enjoying your photos or watching movies a one-of-a-kind experience. Aside from this, it should also be mentioned that the Desire is very user-friendly, which means that you will have a feeling that the phone will often anticipate what you want to do, thus making it very easy to do anything you want more quickly than with other phones.

Even though the touchscreen is amazing, it is hardly the best thing on the Desire. Namely, this phone has a super fast 1 GHz processor and 578 MB of RAM, which really is astonishing. The memory can be expanded up to 32 GB with the use of a Micro SD, and this has become a standard feature in most of the phones from the same class. The Desire has a great 5 megapixel camera, a perfect music player and FM radio, and the experience of browsing the internet with the Desire is truly unforgettable.

Realistically, there is nothing this phone lacks and nothing that should be changed in order for it to be better. The battery might seem less than powerful from time to time, but it is fantastic considering the Desire‚Äôs display and all of the features and applications it provides you with. Therefore, the HTC Desire can be pronounced one of the best, if not the best choice when it comes to fairly affordable smartphones currently available on the market. It’s now even possible to get this phone on a contract if you have bad credit. This is because it is not worth as much as it was when it first hit the market. For all the latest bad credit mobile phones on contract deals, apply at First4Phone today!

HTC Desire Bad Credit Deals

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