bad credit htc wildfire sLogically, every popular smartphone should have and usually has an upgrade. These upgrade phones are used to make the best out of all the advantages of the previous phone and fix as many problems as possible. Now, the HTC Wildfire S is the brother of the HTC Wildfire which had some serious drawbacks. Even though the old phone was pretty good, people from HTC had to work very hard in order to try and make the new model by fixing the problems related to the old one. However, considering the fact that the HTC Wildfire was a pretty good buy, its problems could have and should have been much easier to live with.

First of all, the new HTC Wildfire S has a much better display, although its size remained unchanged. The new touchscreen has been enhanced in a way that its screen resolution has been doubled, amounting to 320 x 480 pixels. The new screen resolution has really made everything look much, much better and the picture quality of the new HTC Wildfire S is absolutely amazing. Aside from this, the upgraded screen resolution also helps with a number of applications, such as Google Maps for instance.

When it comes to the design of the HTC Wildfire S, it is safe to say that the old version has been almost brought to perfection – with a far classier look; four virtual buttons under the display; available in black, pink and silver; relatively slim and with an all-around appealing look, this phone will definitely attract your attention the moment you see it. Aside from this, the phone is also very easy to use even with only one hand, which makes it very practical in many different situations.

The HTC Wildfire S is, in fact, a great phone for many different people. The phone can be used with the same ease and practicality for both business and pleasure. For instance, it will help you get around the town with a very reliable GPS system and you will be able to take great photos and listen to high-quality music when you get where you were going. The phone’s faster than before processor will enable you to use pretty much any Android application, regardless of how demanding it is. Also, you will always enjoy browsing the internet and chatting on Facebook.

However, there are always some things that can be made better with literally every phone, and the HTC Wildfire S is no exception. In reality, these things are the screen which could have been a bit bigger and the battery which should have provided people with more independence. Namely, the screen is not small, but it is not big either, compared to the other smartphones on the market. The battery is definitely the biggest drawback of this phone, although it has been improved compared to the previous model. All in all, the HTC Wildfire S is a great phone when its price finds its way to the equation. When compared to phones with a similar price, we can see that this phone really stands out from the crowd. Now the good news is you can get this phone if you are searching for bad credit mobile phone contracts online and all you need to do is apply below.

HTC Wildfire S Bad Credit Offers

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