Nokia 5230 bad credit

The Nokia 5230 is a bar styled smartphone that truly has everything you need. The big widescreen display screen of 3.2 inches offers plenty of detail, especially with the help of a nice 640x 360 screen resolution. The display type is Active Matrix TFT Color LCD so what you see in life is what you will experience visually with this phone’s display!

The Nokia 5230 is of practical size with measurements of 4.3” x 2” x 0.6”, which basically means the overall size of this phone will be sufficient enough so that you don’t easily lose it (and can properly grip it!) but it’s not too big so that it can’t be moved easily. The best way to describe the 5230 is as sleek and slim. All in all, most consumers agree that the phone’s display and the size of the mobile itself complement each other well in almost any scenario.

The 5230 is capable of supporting a microSD card of up to 16 gigabytes in addition to the standard 128 megabytes of memory that already comes with the phone. Additionally, this phone has a built-in memory of 70 megabytes and considering the additional 128 megabytes, that’s pretty good going. As it’s expandable up to 16GB, this mobile is ideal for music and video lovers who want to store all their favourite multimedia and be able to make use of them at the touch of a button. This phone is practically also an MP3 player!

There are many other features on the 5230 Nokia including a 2.0 megapixel camera with a built-in flash. Bluetooth, USB, GPS (Sat Nav) and long lasting battery time are just some of the all too necessary features within this phone. In fact, this phone even has an FM radio and if you consider that it typically comes with a stereo quality headset you can enjoy the radio and MP3s as it also comes with a media player.

To conclude, the Nokia 5230 is not just a multimedia/music phone, but it also has plenty of useful smartphone styled features. Worth mentioning is that the 5230 is certified Green Compliant which basically means it is certified by Energy Star as not harmful to the world’s environment. Having a phone that has all the features is great, but having an environmentally safe phone is even better!

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