Samsung Galaxy Europa bad credit

If you want to experience the great Android technology, the Samsung Galaxy Europa mobile has everything you need and more! This lightweight mobile phone weighs just over 3.5 ounces and is very compact in size. The dimensions on the Samsung Galaxy Europa are about 110mm x 55mm x 12mm, this makes it a great sized phone that can fit many places for easy transport.

Many people like the Android technology because of all it has to offer its users. With a growing number of Apps too, you can experience this superb platform on the Galaxy Europa. The Samsung Galaxy Europa is one of the best phones in its class as far as price and features are concerned. You can view all of the media you want such as videos and pictures with ease because of the 2.8 inch screen. The size of this mobile’s screen is also great for checking emails and viewing websites on the internet.

A great feature of the Galaxy Europa is that it comes with 3G capabilities including WI-FI and an android browser. You can listen to your favourite music or watch videos and view pictures with ease because of the standard media player that comes with this 2.1 Android operating system. You may also view pictures, videos and listen to music in different supported file formats. This mobile phone also takes some great pictures even though it has no flash feature with its 2.0 megapixel camera.

Digital zoom is a great feature on this phone because after you take a picture, you can use the zoom feature to see smaller images. You can also zoom in to capture images farther away than you could normally. Pictures can be taken in panorama, continuous shot and even a smile shot feature. The smile shot feature will only take the picture when everyone in the cameras shot is smiling.

Not only does the Samsung Galaxy Europa have all the basic features you would expect, but also has many excellent features found on more expensive handsets. It does the simple things we all need really well, and that’s why you will appreciate everything, including the calendar, scheduler, calculator, memo pad, clock and speakerphone.

Samsung Galaxy Europa Bad Credit Deals

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