We are happy to let you know that you can apply for a mobile phone contract with the networks below! Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile and Vodafone are accepting thousands of applications every day from people who have “bad credit” or were refused before. Apply online now to get your contract!

Virgin Mobile – highest acceptance rates online

T-Mobile – best all-round packages & value for money

Vodafone – lots of texts, minutes and internet

Choice of phones:

- HTC Sensation

- BlackBerry Torch 9810

- Samsung Galaxy S2

- BlackBerry Curve 9360

Choice of phones:

- HTC Desire S

- BlackBerry Bold 9900

- HTC Sensation XE

- SIM Only

Choice of phones:

- Samsung Galaxy S2

- BlackBerry Torch 9860

- Nokia Lumia 800

- SIM Only

Please follow these instructions to get a contract with one of the networks above:

  • Apply on the internet as credit checks are a lot easier
  • Do not apply with a network that has refused you before (choose another)
  • Choose a medium priced mobile phone (avoid iPhone) or apply for SIM Only


John Andrews, from London
“First4Phone really know what they are talking about! I visited their site and applied with one of their network and did not choose an expensive handset…got an email from T-Mobile saying I was accepted. That’s amazing considering how bad my credit rating is!”

Chelsea Adams, from Manchester
“i’m really shocked i got approved. I’ve just got accepted for a htc sensation with virgin, and get lots of minutes and texts and internet for only £26 a month. this is a great site, very helpful and just what I was looking for. Awesome advice”

Amy Bailey, from Leeds
“Hi thought I would let you know that Vodafone gave me a contract after being refused by a few shops on the high street! Amazing what the internet can do for you”

Adam McKay, from Leeds
“Brilliant, thanks first4phone. I got a mobile phone contract with T mobile after being refused before many times. I’m self-employed so have always found it difficult, but your tips worked like a charm.”

Want to share your story?

We would love to hear from you. We cannot list all the testimonials we have received because of space restrictions but will be creating a dedicated page for success stories. If you apply and get a contract please get in touch with us so we can feature your story! Thank you.